Thursday, Mar. 9                 

One of the key O.T. prophecies of the incarnation is Psalm 69.  I’m not going to cover all of it here, but there’s one section that fascinates me.  “I am a stranger to my brothers, an alien to my own mother’s sons; for zeal for your house consumes me. . .”  Ps. 69:8-9.  Here are two seemingly separate statements united in a single sentence, neither statement with any known connection to a contemporary event.  But how remarkably it fits two successive events recorded in John 2:12-17!  Here Jesus’ mother and brothers, and Jesus and his disciples were all invited to a wedding in Cana.  There Jesus miraculously turned water into wine, which John calls Jesus’ first “sign.  Then Jesus and his disciples went to Jerusalem, where Jesus became so irate about what was going on in the temple that he took a whip and drove out the money changers.  The disciples remembered the Psalm 69 passage about Jesus’ zeal for his Father’s house (John 2:17).  Note the way Psalm 69: 8 reads.  Jesus refers to his brothers and then calls them his mother’s sons.  The brothers were half brothers, which is clearly recognized in this Psalm.  The two statements of Ps. 69:8-9 are brought together chronologically in John 2.  John, the author, was aware of all this and was making a point that fit precisely with his stated goal in John 20:31.  Jesus was the promised Messiah who became man so that he could pay the penalty for man’s sin.  The Jews of Jesus’ day needed to believe that and people today need to believe that.

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