Psalm 23

Tuesday, Mar. 21                                

I’ve wakened twice lately to thoughts about Psalm 23.  What a great way to wake up!  What a marvelous Psalm!  In just a few verses the entire life span of man is covered and even reaches into eternity,  Every need of man as he walks this life is covered—food, water, and protection.  It is more than just beautiful poetry; it is the essence of all that life is about.  The core truth lies in an intimate love relationship with the creator of the universe.  Books could be written without expressing it as well as this little Psalm.  The very first statement summarizes the whole Psalm.  “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”  You can meditate on that forever and never run out of things to think about.  This Psalm tells me that David really knew God.  He not only knew God, he experienced an intimate relationship with God that was the source of comfort and strength at every moment of his life.  It was a bond that could never be broken and would last into eternity.  Nothing mattered more than that love relationship.  That relationship stood the test of time.  Despite many serious failures on David’s part, God never failed.  God is loving, and he is also merciful and gracious.  I will never write anything to match this Psalm, but I worship the same God.  The Lord is MY shepherd and I will never want.

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