The Low and the High

Saturday, Mar. 25                    

Pastor Doug again.  “Christ, a holy God who cannot tolerate sin, came down from heaven to live in the midst of a world that is nothing but sinful.”  He was vilified and mocked throughout his ministry, culminating in a cruel death on the cross in order to pay the ransom for those same sinners.  None of that deterred him, but he obviously felt the anguish of it, particularly in the Garden the day before the crucifixion.  None of us can empathize with him in that because we will not be and never could be in that situation, but we can understand a measure of it.  We can feel some of the pain, some of the injustice, and some of the desire to avoid it.  But it pales with what he went through on two counts.  One, that it was a holy God doing the suffering, which maximizes it beyond comprehension.  Two, the separation of the Father and the Son is not only impossible for us to feel, it is impossible to reconcile theologically.  The heart felt agony of the separation of the Father and the Son had to be the lowest single moment in history.  But it also had to be the highest moment in history, significant and glorious beyond degree, totally out of our sphere to understand or feel.  Add the fact that he did it voluntarily despite knowing precisely what it would be like from before the world was created.  He had centuries to contemplate that woeful experience.  All the above is why it’s impossible to elevate Christ too much.


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