No Robots, Please

Tuesday, Mar. 28                       

I’m not a big fan of Bill Walton, but I heard him make this statement while commenting on a basketball game–“When every one thinks the same, no one is thinking.”   God made each of us to be unique.  We are not all made out of the same cookie dough.  We are not a bunch of robots emitting the same programmed toots and whistles.  I have a lot of similarities with other people, but there is no one who has ever lived who is exactly like me.  So no two people in the world will think entirely alike.  We are not supposed to.  Let me interpose another thought here.  There is a difference between unity and unanimity.  We can be in unity without being in agreement with others.  In  a nutshell we can agree to disagree.  As Christians, we can be in good fellowship with one another without agreeing on everything.  This is not just an irrelevant fact, it’s a necessary truth that affects our growth.  We need each other to become mature, whether it’s in secular matters or spiritual matters.  Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  We need each other, not only in physical ways, but in Spiritual matters.  Early Church “fathers” were perpetually arguing points of doctrine.  The result?  Sound doctrine and sound principles of interpretation.  Your thoughts and opinions are important.  But you also need to keep your mind open to new truth—with the Bible as your authoritative manual.

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