Our Caste System

Thursday, Apr. 6                            

We all have a natural liking for some people and just the opposite for others.  We tend to admire people who are accomplished in some way—athletic, musical, or intelligent,.  Or maybe it’s someone who has social skills, who is quick witted, the life of the party.  We tend to envy those who appear to be superior to us and disdain or pity those that we deem inferior.  We shun both extremes and gravitate to those that are more like we are, people that “fit us,” people that we feel comfortable with.  This might have something to do with the sin nature , but let that go for now.  Let’s think about how God views people.  He doesn’t think the way we do.  Through the ages God has chosen some from all different levels of society.  Paul was high up in Jewish society, several of the disciples were fishermen, and one was a despised tax collector.  The O.T. shows the same pattern.  David was just a young man tending the sheep.  Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress when God called him.  Was all this deliberate on God’s part?  Was there purpose behind it?  Two things come to mind.  First, he loves all people.  He does not show partiality.  Second, I believe he is making the point that he can make something good out of anyone.  When he can change an unlearned fisherman into a spiritual leader, who gets the praise?  Turning a despised tax collector into an effective writer of the gospel story is quite a miracle.  Any caste system must be anathema to God.  Maybe we need to change our thinking patterns, which, in turn, will change our behavior.  God’s in the business of changing people.

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