Meekness and Majesty

Saturday, Apr. 8                          

Occasionally we sing the hymn “Meekness and Majesty” in our church  How easy it is to pass right over a fantastic truth.  The chorus starts with “O what a mystery; Meekness and majesty”   Human nature—or maybe better, sinful nature—normally does not put meekness and majesty together.  Meekness conjures up inferiority, servitude, and insignificance.  Majesty is reserved for people in high positions, rulers, people with power and prestige.  For most of us, these two words are diametrically opposite.  They don’t coexist.  You’re either one or the other or somewhere in between.  But what makes this statement even more remarkable is that it refers to Christ.  His majesty as the Son of God and Redeemer can’t be matched in all the universe.  Nor can his meekness as displayed in his leaving the heavenly realm to become a man be matched.  So here we have the greatest example of majesty and the greatest example of meekness in one person.  It is no wonder that the composer calls this a mystery.  It beggars description.  What an  anomaly! It‘s almost beyond comprehension.  And when one considers that it was all out of love, we would have to conclude that there was no greater love displayed in the universe, either.  With that understanding, it is not hard to identify with the composer concerning the last two lines of the chorus:  “Bow down and worship, For this is your God.”

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