Seekers and Skeptics

Tuesday, Apr. 11                        

There’s another account of seekers of truth in John 4.  Despite the revelation of her profligate life, the  unnamed Samaritan woman was so eager to know the truth that she left her water pot behind and went to tell the people of Sychar about Jesus.  Her life of dissipation was no secret to the people of Sychar, and she was no doubt an outcast, but it didn’t stop her from sharing the good news about finding the Messiah.  She evidently was eager for something that would change her life.  The people of Sychar were also seekers of truth.  They eagerly heard Jesus’ words and invited Jesus to stay with them to teach them more, which Jesus did.  Verse 41:  “And because of his words many more became believers.”  Because of what Jesus said, they concluded that he was the savior of the world (v. 42).  In contrast, the Jews demanded a sign.  Although Jesus had performed a number of miracles among them, they wouldn’t believe.  They had more direct evidence from Jesus himself than the Samaritans did.  Plus they had the prophecies about the Messiah from the entire Old Testament, while the Samaritans accepted only the Torah, the first five books of the Bible.  These Samaritans were seekers, while  most of the Jews were not.  However, as Paul says in Romans, the Jews’ unbelief led to the gospel going to the Gentiles.  God seems to delight in using negative human behavior to achieve his goals.  He specializes in turning bad things into good things, sinners into saints, and Satan’s works into victories.  What a God we serve!

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