We Need Each Other

Friday, Apr. 14                              

“One of the best ways to discover the divine resources that others need is to need them  yourself.”  This implies that we all are in need of “divine resources.”  The point of this is that we can help someone else better when we have made progress in some particular area ourselves.  We’re not going to help others if we don’t have “felt needs” of our own.  We are all in the same boat.  We’re sinners saved by grace and in the renovation process called sanctification.  Though we might have made changes in some areas, we are far from perfect.  It’s a long and sometimes painful process.  At the age of 21 I experienced the traumatic loss of my fiancée.  As agonizing as it was, God’s grace was sufficient.  I never faulted God even though I didn’t know why he allowed it to happen.  But years later, when someone else was in the same situation, I understood what he was going through and could help him cope with it.  And that helped me realize that God did have a purpose for my trial of faith.  Three things to consider here.  When a trial comes, know that God is allowing it for a purpose.  Two, reach out to others when an opportunity arises.  Three, gratefully accept help from others when you’re in need.  We need each other.

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