The Irresistible Force

Sunday, Apr. 16                       

With Easter upon us, I got to thinking about God’s plan of redemption, particularly on the dual nature of Christ.  Here was God, the I AM of the O.T., becoming a man through the virgin birth.  What a contrast.  God with a divine nature and man with a sinful nature, both natures fully operational—all in one person.  God is eternal; man is finite.  God could not sin; man could not avoid sinning.  God could not fail; man could not succeed.  These two extremes existed in one body.  None of this was really new territory for me, but all of a sudden something struck me.  This was not only a reality, it was also an analogy.  We as human beings can be united with Christ in the same way.  He is eternal and sinless, we are the opposite, but the union results in redemption.  Jesus used a similar analogy in Mt. 11:28-29.  Here he offers unbelievers the opportunity to find rest for their souls by being yoked up to him as a young ox would be yoked to a strong ox.  And this reminded me of the irresistible force and the immovable object.  We think of this conundrum as an impossible situation, and if we think about it a bit, we’d conclude that the two obliterate each other.  This is not so in the case of the dual nature of Christ.  God, the irresistible force prevails.  For the yoked folks—He is risen indeed.  For others—take heed.  If you hear the call of God, you would be wise to respond.

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