God’s Work God’s Way

Thursday, Apr. 20                  

“Don’t let what you can’t do keep you from what you can do.”  This is a fairly common concept and worthy of following.  But, like a Geometric Theorem, several corollaries can be derived  from it.  1. We can do some things on our own, but whatever we do for God requires divine direction and enablement.  2. When we can’t do something in our own strength, we might be able to do it with God’s strength.  3. Some things we might want to do for God might not be what he wants us to do and conversely, some things he wants us to do we might not want to do.  4. What we do should be directed and empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.  5. Known sin can keep us from doing things for God; and he has a remedy for that.  6. Nothing will ever be done for God without prayer.  7. We can plant seed and water it, but God produces the fruit.  8. We might not know this side of heaven the results of our efforts to please God.  9. The rewards that will come to us in heaven will be by grace, not “works,” and will glorify God, not us.

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