Love is Contagious

Friday, Apr. 21                        

Pastor Doug:  “Our love should be contagious.”  I just got over a bad sore throat so the word “contagious” caught my attention.  You’ll have to make allowance for using something bad (cold germs) to illustrate something good (love).  But good things like joy and love can be contagious.  I’m not sure how I got my sore throat, but I know it came from someone around me.  I did not choose it, and had no way to prevent it.  I had to treat it and endure it.  In much the same way, love can have an effect on others around us.  But there is no guarantee that it will affect everyone in the same way.  Amazingly enough my wife didn’t come down with a sore throat.  It’s like that with love.  If love is indeed contagious, then at least some people around us will “catch it.”  And that is what Doug was getting at.  When we consistently show love to others, it will spread to others.  I think that is one reason why Jesus instituted the church.  As we experience the riches that are poured out on us by a gracious God, it rubs off on others.  It is what the world takes note of and which draws people to Christ.  I have been richly blessed by the love shown me by the members of our church.  Now if I can pass it on . . . .

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