The Roaring Lion

Tuesday, Apr. 25                       

Analogies are used in the Bible to help clarify spiritual truth.  Obviously, the analogy has to be sufficiently understood in order to shed light on that truth.  In 1 Pet. 5:8-9 we have the analogy of a roaring lion.  Lions were well known in that part of the world.  David killed a lion with his bare hands, Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, and there are other references to lions in the Bible.  So the analogy would have been well understood by Peter’s readers.  Most Americans don’t have all that understanding, so we have to do a little research.  Most of us know that a lion stalking its prey would not announce his presence by roaring.  The pride of lions is working together.  The male lion roars in order to scare his prey to run—away from him, and toward the lioness, who will make the kill.  And that’s why Peter says that we should resist him.  That means that we don’t fall into the trap and run like a scared rabbit.  We are to stand firm in the faith.  We are in a battle.  The context of this analogy is severe persecution.  Satan, our adversary, wants us to abandon our post and run.  Standing firm against him is the only answer.

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