Taking Shortcuts

Sunday, Apr. 30                          

A recent letter from a friend included an interesting dialogue between him and his grandson as he was putting the youngster to bed.  Zack prayed “Bless everybody in the whole wide world.”  Grandfather said “You should name the different people that you want God to bless.”  Zack responded with “Yes, but tonight I thought I would take a shortcut.”  Our friend used this incident to make the point that no matter how much of a hurry we’re in, “prayer isn’t a good place to take a shortcut.”  This is not just a problem for a young child.  No doubt we all can identify with this.  I not only tend to take shortcuts, I often just postpone praying to “sometime later.”  All that says that I don’t really understand the value of prayer.  I give mental assent to it, but if I really believed it, I would practice it.  God is eager to communicate with us—not because he needs it, but that we need it.  And then we try to live our lives without God’s input and wonder why we have so many problems.  OK, I know it’s not quite that simple.  There are other issues that involve “living the life” besides our prayer lives.  But we must not settle for the status quo.  Lack of prayer is probably the main reason why our churches are weak and ineffective.  Can you imagine what would happen if every believer spent just a half hour a day praying for the Church to be what God intended it to be?  If this message registers in your heart, remember Zack.  Be specific!


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