Seeing God

Thursday, May 11                           

There’s another aspect of  “seeing God.”  Seeing God is to know him, to understand who he is, his nature, his eternality, his holiness, his sovereignty, that he is our creator and judge, and not least, he came to redeem us.  The entire Bible was designed to reveal this truth.  Seeing God in that light should be received with rejoicing.  It truly is the “good news.”  It is no wonder that Jesus wept at what we call “The Triumphal Entry.”  That day was not a triumph.  His own people were about to make him king, but for the wrong reasons. They were not convicted of sin and felt no need to be redeemed.  They expected Jesus to free them from Roman bondage.  The real triumph came a few days later—on the cross.  Following the resurrection, no doubt many of those that wanted to make him king a few days earlier became part of the early church.  They finally recognized their Messiah.  They “saw” God—as their Redeemer.

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