Erratic Scales

Friday, May 12                             

We have digital scales which we use almost every day.  One day I weighed myself before taking a shower.  The scale registered 210.7.  I was quite sure that was wrong, so I weighed myself after the shower and got a reading of 203.5.  Wow!  I removed seven pounds of dirt and grime from my frame in 10 minutes,  Maybe I should have taken another shower.  OK, obviously the scales have a mind of their own.  This little incident drew my attention to how I evaluate myself and others.   My morality scale is quite weird, too.  In fact, it is no doubt severely skewed.  I probably register too high on the scale while my fellow believers probably register way too low.  And when I evaluate unbelievers, the scale doesn’t work well at all.  It would be nice (well, maybe it wouldn’t) to take a look at God’s scales.  You might not like what you see, but you can be sure it’s accurate.  My point?  If you want to feel good, use your own scales.  If you want to know the truth, use God’s scales.  If you choose the latter, I hope you’re willing to make some changes.

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