A Second Chance

Tuesday, May 23                           

Deut. 29:29.  “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of the law.  There is a lot of truth in this verse, but the context is important.  The site is Moab.  Since God decreed that Moses would not enter the promised land because of his sin, he is preparing Israel for the invasion of Canaan.  These people were the children of those who rebelled against God and who spent 40 years in the desert until they all died.  Would this generation learn from the mistakes of their parents?  God is giving this new generation a chance to renew God’s covenant with Israel.  If they were to succeed, they would have to obey God.  Their parents refused to enter Canaan because the Canaanites were “too strong for them,” but they had also made the golden calf as their god.  The   idolatry of  Canaan would be a temptation for both the new generation and the generations to follow.  The most significant theme of Moses’ message was a warning against idolatry.  So we come to Deut. 29:29.  The “secret things of God” would refer to the details of future events, things that God had no reason to reveal.  The things revealed,  however, are precisely what they needed to proceed with the conquest.  Essentially it was to obey God.  That truth is universal for all people in all of history—including us.  He has revealed all that we need to know to live righteous lives.  We are to leave the rest to him.

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