Point of No Return?

Wednesday, May 24                    

Why do people get into drugs?  They have to know the end results, so why do they want to destroy their lives?  Some have had medical problems that required drugs that led to addiction.  Children are led into drug use by drug-using parents.  Peer pressure and gangs add to the problem.  Some are into drugs of their own accord.  State governments don’t help when they sanction “recreational” drugs.  Those same states don’t have enough jails to house the thousands who commit crimes because of drug use.  Thousands of innocent people suffer at their hands—killed by drunken drivers, raped, robbed,  maimed, and emotionally scarred for life.  I’m still a bit baffled by all this, but there is a rationale that helps.  Drugs remove moral restraints.  Built into us by our sin nature is the desire to be free, to do whatever gives immediate satisfaction.  We don’t want to be told what to do, nor do we want to be judged or punished by what we do.  Drugs free one from moral responsibility—for a time.  But when common sense returns, things get worse.  Besides the addiction itself, a druggie has to face the consequences of his actions while on drugs.  He can’t handle that and he goes right back to drugs.  It’s a downward spiral that he can’t control.  However they got addicted, these poor souls need help.  But it’s not hopeless.  There is a solution.  We Christians have the answer.  We can’t change them, but we can lead them to the One who can.  And we need to pray for the few who are trying to salvage their lives.

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