Treasures of the Darkness

Thursday, May 25                  

From the  hymn “When Trials Come,” comes a phrase that caught my attention, “As treasures of the darkness grow.”  The Bible uses darkness to depict evil and adverse circumstances.  It’s a common metaphor used throughout history.  It’s the opposite of light, which represents all that is good.  Criminals take advantage of the darkness to do their evil deeds  And it’s a common for people to use the cover of darkness to do things that are not acceptable in a moral society.  For the innocent, darkness is bad.  It harbors potential problems that cause fear.  I hear a thump in the night and my first thought is “Who’s intruding?  What am I going to do?  But darkness is not just evil conduct.  Sickness, loss of a job, a wayward child—all things that cause distress bring “darkness.”  But the hymn suggests that the darkness is full of treasures.  It speaks of trials that God has ordained to bless us.  God does not remove darkness from life.  Trials and suffering are designed by a loving God to shape us, to make us more like Christ.  When we understand that, we will not balk at trials, or chafe under them; we will embrace them.  And they will grow.  Not that we will have increasing problems, but that the cumulative “treasures of the darkness.” will be cherished—to the glory of God.

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