Need to Know

Saturday, May 27                             

The “need to know” policy is an important part of military affairs.  National security is at stake.   Critical issues don’t need to become common knowledge.  There are leaks enough even with that policy.  Businesses follow the same policy for much the same reason.  Of course, the policy can be abused.  There are covert things that probably would be rigorously opposed if they became public.  But the policy itself is necessary.  As a school director and field committee member in Bolivia, there were lots of things that I didn’t pass on to Elizabeth.  First, she didn’t need to know, but more importantly, she was already burdened with plenty of responsibilities and didn’t need any more “baggage” to carry around.  I think God is sparing us when he doesn’t belabor us with things we don’t need to know.  And I think that is what is behind Deut. 29:29.

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