How Much are You Worth?

Monday, May 29                    

How much are you worth?  When I was in high school, someone devoted a lot of time to calculate the amount of marketable ingredients in one’s body to get a dollar and cents value of those ingredients.  I don’t remember the exact amount, but it was only a few cents.  Obviously, it would not be cost efficient to retrieve those elements.  Inflation would increase the value a bit, but it would still be counter productive.  All this is ludicrous, of course, but it suggests another way to evaluate one’s worth.  Our parents would value us far more than a few cents, and of course there are plenty of parents these days who would rate their child’s value in negative numbers—and treat them as trash that clutters up their reprobate lives.  And then there are spouses.  How a wife or husband is valued would depend on the health of the marriage.  It would be inflated on the wedding day, and could go up or down in the following months.  If divorce ensues, values would likely be negative.  Then there are friends—with varying scales as to your worth.  All this is in stark contrast to God’s evaluation.  You might read Psalm 8 to see how God rates mankind.  Read Luke 15:3-7 to know how God seeks out that one wayward sheep.  Read Phil. 2:3-6 to know the heart of God who paid with his life to redeem us.  Read in the Gospels how the creator of the universe died an agonizing death on the cross in your place.  Then try to evaluate yourself the way God values you.  And remember that God’s evaluation is both accurate and unchanging.  And it goes back to before you were born.  Awesome!

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