Innate Worth

Tuesday, May 30                             

That God evaluates us so highly in light of our sinful nature is mind boggling.  How can this be?  Paul describes all of mankind as hopelessly corrupt in Rom. 1:18-32.  Sin was so gross that God seemingly gave up on man (v. 24).  The sin nature had total control and man was incapable of doing anything but sin.  This deplorable situation brought on God’s wrath (v. 18), which seems directly opposite to the picture of God’s evaluation of man in yesterday’s blog.  So how do we reconcile this dichotomy?  The answer can be expressed in various ways.  Before and after.  Old vs. new.  Current reality vs. potential.  Fallen vs. restoration.  Despite total depravity due to sin, there’s innate worth in man.  God’s wrath against sinners can only be abrogated by dealing with the core issue, the sin nature, something that only God can do.  This is total grace.  We don’t deserve it and can do nothing to achieve it.  Our only response is to worship our Redeemer.

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