The Silver Lining

Sunday, June 4                               

We’re all acquainted with the clouds with a silver lining.  And we all know what it depicts.  The dark clouds of adversity threaten us with calamity, but we need to focus on the silver lining, that narrow strip of sunlight behind those dark clouds.  There’s sequence here.  The adversity comes first; the sunshine follows.  This analogy has ever more significance to me as I have gotten older.  Death has never been something to fear, but it was never “up front” in my mind, either.  Now I see those dark clouds as the doorway to the light.  The light is so glorious that the dark clouds of death are insignificant.  If you are one of my younger readers, this will be more theory than reality. That’s OK.  You likely will understand it better later on.  This world is a good place to leave behind—and I’m ready.  Better yet, I’m eager.  That glorious light draws me.

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