Banished Boredom

Thursday, June 8                        

Yesterday, Elizabeth and I completed 64 years of married life.  And I don’t remember ever being bored.  I’ve been upset, irritated, and puzzled, but never bored.  After thinking about this I came up with what I think is a plausible answer.  We have never plumbed the depth of one another.  She keeps on amazing me.  I am often surprised at something she says or does, which tells me there’s more to her than I realized.   The latest thing is her interest in theological issues.  We talked theology quite a bit while dating because we wanted to make sure we agreed on basic doctrines, but then it was inadvertently shelved for years because of our work load at the school in Bolivia and rearing five kids.  In the past few months as I began to get more involved in theological issues in our men’s Bible study, I would share a question at home with Elizabeth.  I was blown away with the insight she had.  She absorbed intricate nuances in a fraction of the time it took me to grasp it.  I’m sure Elizabeth has experienced the same with me.  She is often puzzled with something I say or do.  The reason I’m sharing all this is that it’s a microcosm of what will take place in heaven.  We will not be bored because we have all of eternity to plumb the depths of God.  And because he is infinite, it will take all eternity.  That will be theology in it’s purest form.  No boredom there!

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