My Advocate

Friday, June 9                                

John. 8:12-18 is an interesting dialogue between Jesus and the Pharisees.  The dialogue continues through verse 30, but vv. 12-18 tell the whole story of the Pharisee’s unbelief.  The issue is whether or not Jesus was their Messiah.  When Jesus referred to himself as the light of the world, the Pharisees correctly understood that Jesus was claiming to be their Messiah.  They objected to that because he did not have the required two or more witnesses.  Jesus had two answers for that.  One was that lack of witnesses does not determine the truth.  Totally illogical!  Truth is truth whether there is a witness to it or not.  Witnesses were to verify truth, but lack of witnesses does not negate truth.  [Incidentally, it’s also true that a witness or several witnesses could be incorrect or even deliberately false.  In fact, later on, Jesus was convicted and condemned by these same unbelieving Pharisees, partly because of false witnesses.]  Jesus’ second response was that he did have a second witness, the Father.  The Pharisees had to know the legitimacy of that claim.  God, whom Jesus claimed as his Father, inspired the Jewish Scriptures, which bore testimony to Jesus.  Jesus fulfilled every Messianic prophecy.  The Pharisees had no answer for that, but would not acknowledge the truth.  No wonder Jesus called them hypocrites, blind guides, and a brood of vipers (Mt. 23).  You know what?  I’m glad Jesus is my advocate!

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