Impeccable Records

Sunday, June 11                        

There are a few men in the Bible who have no record of sinning.  Joseph, Joshua and Daniel are three, but there are probably others.  That doesn’t mean that these men never sinned, nor does it mean that the Bible in inaccurate when it doesn’t record their sins.  It could be that God designed this as types of Christ.  The most revered men in the Bible sinned.  The records of Abraham, Moses, David, and a host of others are far from impeccable.  Abraham failed to trust God at times, lied twice because of Sarah, yet God honored him for his faith.  Moses was denied entrance into Canaan because of one sin, striking the rock in anger—one time he was not “meek.”  David committed adultery and murder, was forgiven by God and was called the apple of God’s eye.  Gideon sinned grievously after serving God faithfully earlier.  Samuel devoted his entire life to God, but failed to rebuke his own sons because of their gross sins.  Saul started out well and failed miserably later.  Peter, whom the RCC claims as the first Pope, sinned, even as a leader in the Church after the Day of Pentecost.  Paul rebuked him for compromising with the Judaizers—rightfully—and Peter responded well.  Mark flunked out earlier and recovered marvelously.  So sin is universal, whether or not it’s recorded.  We need to honor the saints of old for faithful service, but none were impeccable.  That’s why Christ had to die.

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