Weighing in on Growth

Wednesday, June 14                   

Most of us are concerned with personal growth.  In terms of physical growth, kids are more interested in height or weight.  They want to move out of childhood and into the adult world, with the questionable perception that that they will be happier when that time comes.  Those of us who are older are probably more interested in losing weight.  Although physical growth is important, other kinds of growth are even more important.  We need to grow in knowledge, and as important as that is, growing in wisdom is far more important.  Knowledge is foundational to wisdom, but doesn’t guarantee it, as is amply demonstrated by Solomon.  Why he would be called the wisest man who ever lived is a mystery to me.  His example teaches us how much we need God, as Solomon finally concluded at the end of Ecclesiastes.  Unfortunately, his life did not reflect that.  This line of reasoning is important for progress in our Christian lives.  While we are declared righteous when conversion takes place, we are still saddled with the sin nature.   Paul deals with that and provides a divine answer in Rom. 7-8.  Our entire earthly life is a process of growing spiritually.  We can’t get on a scale and measure it, but it should be evident.  It takes time to grow fruit.  Paul speaks of sowing and watering in 1 Cor. 3:6-7.  “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.  Our sanctification is like that.  We need to deal with the weeds, make sure we have water and sunshine, and God will bring the growth.

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