God’s Teen-agers

Thursday, June 15                         

What do David, Samuel and Jeremiah have in common?  They  were chosen by God before their birth to serve God.  David—Ps. 139:13, Jeremiah—Jer. 1:4-5.  Samuel was dedicated to the Lord before his birth, obviously orchestrated by God (1 Sam. 1).  David, the youngest in his family, was probably a teen-ager when anointed king of Israel.  Despite his gross sins, he had an intimate relationship with God, who called him the “apple of his eye (Ps. 17:8).  Jeremiah was 17 when God called him to be a prophet.  Isaiah was also probably a teen-ager when God called him.  Mary was likely a teen-ager when she gave birth to Jesus.  So much for formal education and experience.  But God also called people who were not young.  Paul was about 40 years old and well educated (although going down the wrong trail) when Jesus got hold of him on the road to Damascus.  All this raises enigmatic questions—for one, the doctrine of election.  And why did God pick out people before they were born to do his bidding?  One thing for sure:  we can’t put God in a box.  He is sovereign and will do what he pleases without violating his holiness, and without asking our opinion.  We don’t need to know any more than that.

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