Friday, June 16                                      

God calls people to salvation.  He then calls the redeemed to service.  Age and experience are immaterial, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  If you’re a believer and haven’t felt a call, it is not because you haven’t been called.  All believers are called.  We are called to live godly lives, to encourage and build up fellow believers, and to spread the gospel throughout the world.  Jesus commissioned the eleven disciples to world-wide evangelism before he ascended into heaven (Mt. 28:16-20).  That was not just for the eleven Apostles, but for every believer, as is evident in the book of Acts and in the rest of the New Testament.  Having been called into service, do you know the specific ministry you’ve been called to?  [If “no,” read tomorrow’s blog.]  If “yes,” are you functioning in that capacity?  If not, you should probably take time to think about your calling.  Maybe there’s unconfessed sin to deal with.  Maybe you have lapsed into indifference, or maybe you have physical or mental problems.  Maybe you don’t feel capable of doing what God wants you to do.  Jeremiah felt that way.  So did Moses.  God did fairly well handling those guys.  God has plenty of tools to use to make you fruitful.  In any case, God needs to clean you up if you are to draw people to Christ.  If you’re not producing fruit, the Holy Spirit is ready to nudge you in the right direction.  And my experience is that he is extremely gentle, extremely patient, and extremely efficient.  If you’re not sure what to do, pray about it.

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