Tuesday, June 20                               Dormant Egos

Titles are important, but they can corrupt.  There are not many titles used in the O.T.  Probably the first was priests, established in Israel during the exodus from Egypt.  Moses had no title, nor did Joshua.  Other titles were added when the nation fell into sin.  God used prophets to set them straight, and later on, used judges to restore order.  Then kings became prominent.  There were problems with all three of these leadership roles.  There were true prophets—and hordes of false prophets.  God used judges to defeat idolatrous invaders, and then the judges failed miserably (Gideon and Samson), or compromised (Eli and Samuel).  Some kings started out well and then blew it (Saul and Solomon).  Others were corrupt from the beginning (Ahab).   Throughout the O.T., it was obedience or rebellion, God or false gods, blessing or cursing.  There were faithful priests and corrupt priests, true prophets and false prophets, strong judges and weak judges, good kings and bad kings,  The sinful nature of man doesn’t change—even with God’s chosen leaders.  God knew this all along; it didn’t catch him by surprise.  So titles were not the main issue; it was the sin nature.  Titles, however, exacerbated the sin nature.  Dormant egos came alive.

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