Lights in a Darkening World

Thursday, June 22                

Human nature remains the same.  The sin nature continues to plague us.  And it’s not limited to the secular world.  The Church has succumbed to worldly standards.  Egotistical titles proliferate—monsignor, prelate, Vicar of God . . .  Power politics contend for secular recognition.  “Saints” are revered. Televangelists with their  “miraculous powers,” vie with one another, each one seeking personal acclaim—and financial gain at the expense of the gullible.  A pet peeve of mine is the robes and trappings of clergymen in many of our churches,  all of which elevates the status of the preacher.  Rather than glorifying God, it stokes the egos of pedantic speakers—not exactly the epitome of humility, which is no longer a high priority.  Then there’s this title “Reverend.”  What a travesty!  Reverence for a man instead of reverence for God.  Immorality is acceptable even among the clergy.  Just as homosexual politicians are elected to public office, so can popular preachers continue to minister following a sexual scandal.  If  Christ, the head of the Church, was so sick of the Laodicean church that he wanted to vomit them out of his mouth (Rev. 3:16), how do you think he would describe the churches of today?  I think it would be more scathing than “you’ve lost your first love.”  OK, I recognize that there is still a core of godly men (and churches) that honor God.  They are faithful by the way they live their lives and by their vocal witness.  It’s a “remnant,” a small, faithful group, just as it has always been throughout history.  God is still at work.  The truth is making an impact throughout our world.  The true Church is growing.  Our little lights have the same illuminating power as they always did, but they stand out as more brilliant in an ever darkening world.

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