Teaching and Preaching

Saturday, June 24                 

Most Bible scholars divide Jesus’ ministry into three parts, teaching, preaching, and healing.  The healing part is distinct enough, but what is the difference between teaching and preaching?  I researched in vain for an explanation.  Whether or not correct, I have some thoughts to offer.  I see teaching as disseminating knowledge or information.  The other end of teaching is learning, the acquisition of information.  Part of teaching is role modeling.  The disciples learned a lot just by observing what Jesus said and did in public.  And Jesus often got them off to one side to teach them privately.  On the other hand, I think of preaching as teaching that expects a specific response beyond gathering information.  If effective, preaching results in change, a change of mind-set and/or a change of conduct.  Preaching is generally associated with the propagation of the gospel, but is probably not limited to that.  In terms of Jesus’ ministry, one might think that he taught his disciples and preached to those who were not committed to him.  It’s probably not that simple.  I think he was looking for a response from both groups

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