Multiple Crops

Monday, June 26                      

The harvest mentioned in yesterday’s blog referred to those thousands of people who needed to be brought into the kingdom of God.  In Mt. 9:35-38, Jesus had compassion on the crowds because they were like sheep without a shepherd, “harassed and helpless.”  That searching crowd was the harvest.  The O.T. is a record of the sowing and cultivating of that Jewish crop.  They were now ready for saving grace.  The Lk. 10:1-4 passage is the next step.  The disciples had been taught back in Galilee and now were ready to do the reaping.  As Chief Reaper, Jesus said to his disciples “The harvest is plentiful . . .”  That would remind the disciples of what they had been taught back in Galilee.  So the Luke passage shows that the disciples—not just the twelve, but 72 of them—got the message.  They were ready for action.  The John passage taught the disciples that the reaping was not limited to the Jews.  The crops included the Samaritans and the entire Gentile world.  They were ready to harvest, too.

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