Wednesday, July 12                        

7) Another problem shows up in Mk. 13:32. why did Jesus, here referred to as the Son of Man, not know the precise time of his second coming?  As  God, he supposedly is omniscient.  One possibility is that it’s because of is self-imposed limitations by being a human being.  As Paul reveals in Philippians 2, Jesus voluntarily left behind some divine prerogatives.  But I’m not totally satisfied with that view.  It doesn’t seem to fit well with the subject matter of the passage. 8) There’s also an over-all question to be considered.  What was Jesus’ purpose in revealing these future events to his disciples?  He speaks of warning, of being on guard, of being watchful (Mk. 13:5, 9, 23, 35.)  In a few weeks these disciples will be the leaders in the newly founded Church.  They will have to prepare for false prophets trying to compromise the Church.  They will also have to deal with severe persecution from both the resistant Jewish leaders and the Roman government.  Problems from within the Church and from outside the Church would be never ending, as is recorded in in Acts and the Epistles.  This Olivet Discourse occurred not too long before Jesus ascended into heaven and he wanted his chosen leaders to be ready for the battles that would come.  He ends this discourse with another analogy (Mk. 13:35-36, where he speaks of a landowner who may come back at any time—obviously referring to the second coming of Christ.  The caretakers had better not be sleeping when he returns.  Jesus no doubt knew that his second coming would be a couple centuries later, which tells us that this passage of Scripture is also meant for us today.  You might notice that his very last word was “Watch!

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