Friday, July 14                                      

Most people think about what they will pass on to their children when they get near the end of their lives.  I never really thought about it while we reared our five kids in Bolivia.  Maybe I was too busy.  Unfortunately, most people focus on the material things that can be passed on—property, keepsakes, money.  I say “unfortunately” because there are vastly more valuable things to pass on.  And also unfortunately, those things can’t be kept in a bank to be dispersed when death comes.  Cindy Hess Casper  (Daily Bread, 6/18/17) nailed it.  “A life lived for Christ is the best inheritance we can leave our children.”  This is something that must be passed on day by day and moment by moment.  It can’t wait until the end of life.  As Elizabeth and I near the end of our lives, our kids are serving the Lord and rearing their kids in a godly way.  They often express their gratitude for their inheritance—and show no interest in our bank account.  Good thing, too.  Not much there.  We are blessed.  They are blessed.  Their children are blessed, and yes, their grand children, too, our great-grandchildren—six with two more on the way.  Our inheritance in this world is thriving—and our inheritance in the eternal sphere is awaiting us.  God has prepared a place for us and it will far exceed anything this world can offer.  And it will last forever.  You can’t out give God.

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