David and God

Tuesday, July 25                              

This idea of feebleness reminds me of David.  As the youngest sibling, he was the sheep-herder, too young to go to war.  So he had the menial task of taking food to his older brothers in the Israeli army.  At the battle front he was appalled by the situation.  Here was a man defying God, and no one was doing anything about it.  The entire Israeli army was terrified and unwilling to engage Goliath in battle.  OK, Goliath was a giant and a renowned warrior.  There was reason for fear.  When David voiced his opinion, he was ridiculed by his brothers, and no doubt by those other “stalwart” warriors.  But he was not intimidated by Goliath, by his brothers, or by anyone else.  He knew God and was irate because God was being vilified.  David’s concern was for God’s reputation.  It stemmed from a long intimate relation, a love for God that was greater than life itself.  I believe that he was ready to die rather than let Goliath defy the living God.  God honored that.  David was feeble.  David and God were unbeatable.  If we are to have that same kind of experience, we will need to have that kind of relationship with God.

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