Saturday, July 29                                

The Loganberry is a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry developed by Harvey Logan in Santa Cruz, California in 1881. Logan was a judge and a horticulturalist.  He was not satisfied with the quality of the blackberry, and rather by accident planted a row of them alongside a row of a particular species of red raspberries.  The female blackberry fertilized by the pollen from the red raspberries produced a hybrid that in Logan’s opinion was bigger and more vigorous.  Voila!  The Loganberry was born.  A co-worker of mine gave me some Loganberry starts, which I have cultivated for six or so years.  And here comes my reason for writing this blog.  Just once during those several years I had one cane come up with thorns.  The old blackberry had not given up.  Sin is like that.  We think we (with God’s help) have gained victory over a particular sin.  Don’t count on it.  Satan will not quit trying to get us to revert to our old ways.  Yes, our sin nature is still  alive.  The fight continues.  Only when we put on immortality will we be totally and forever free of all sin.  What a glorious day that will be!

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