The Good Ol’ Life

Tuesday, August 1                     

How times change!  We used to talk about a “reputable” man.  Now it’s “reputedly” a man.  Despite the “progress” that gives us all the amenities of “the good life,” I yearn for the  “good ol’ days.”  DNA has enhanced life.  More people live longer, and have more “toys” to play with.  The work day is shorter and bank accounts get bigger.  People get taller and run faster.  Our world is getting smaller, and outer space is getting closer.  Cars last longer and junk yards get bigger.  Jails get bigger, too.  Casinos thrive while churches die.  Ghettos are bigger and rife with crime while people spend billions to be entertained.  The world’s population explodes while murders and suicides break records.  I repeat:  I yearn for the  “good ol’ days.”  All this suggests that the present world is much like the antediluvian world.  God was patient then and he is patient today.  The Bible says that in the last days evil will increase, which tells me that we are in the last days.  God promised not to wipe out the world with a global flood, but he also said that the world will be cleansed by fire after the tribulation period.  I marvel at his patience.  This message is for Christians.  We need to snatch people from the jaws of death and bring them into the kingdom of God.  There’s a reason for God’s patience.  He wants his servants to get to work.  God’s patience will come to an end.  The world is ripe for a second catastrophic end.

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