Gifts for God?

Wednesday, August 2                        

If we can’t out give God, why hold anything back?  Anyone in his right mind will agree that God will not be in debt to anyone.  It’s like accepting the existence of God.  An obvious truth doesn’t require proof.  But if you want a verse to back this up, it might be Romans 11:35.  “Who has ever given to God, that God should repay him?”  The truth of this can be abused.  If my motive nor giving is to multiply my bank account, it won’t work.  Investing with expectation of gain won’t cut it with God.  It’s a heart thing.  Giving is to promote God’s agenda.  We do it out of gratitude and love.  Many televangelists have fallen into this trap.  They con Christians who are looking for material gain and they themselves are the one’s that profit.  Both the giver and the taker have only their own selfish interests at heart.  God is not mocked. They will reap what they sow.  This is not only true of giving money; it includes giving time and effort.  A more realistic view is that we are to shoulder our cross daily.  God is honored by sacrificial giving that comes from the heart—whether money or time and energy.  That is what pleases God.  And it will reap rewards—in this life and the next.  (Mk. 10:29-30)  God knows the heart.

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