The Last Days 

Thursday, August 3                                                           

I painted a rather dark picture of our world in Monday’s blog, all of which I think is accurate.  But there’s another side that I didn’t mention.  Some remarkable things are happening in our world.  Only eight people were spared from the antediluvian world.  Today there are multitudes of Christians throughout the world, and the numbers are mushrooming.  Two or three decades back I learned that at that time there were not only more Christians in China than in America, but there was a considerably higher percentage compared to America.  That astounded me.  House churches are thriving in China.  Much the same is happening in the rest of the world.  When we went to Bolivia in 1957, there were very few evangelical churches, most of them small and being persecuted.  Today there are evangelical churches all over the country, even in remote mountain areas.  Evangelical Christians are respected and are being elected to public office.  Churches are spawning new churches, Christian radio and TV is reaching the entire country.  Several years ago it was said that about 15 % of Bolivians were “believers.”  Whether or not that’s accurate,   the growth in evangelical Christianity is phenomenal.  The same thing is happening throughout South America.  There are substantial gains among Muslims and other religious groups around the world.  Meanwhile, Europe is now one of the least Christian areas in the world.  And, yes, there is much persecution.  We would like to avoid persecution, but God uses it to build the Church.  Things will get even worse.  There is an enormous polarization taking place in our world.  The darkness is darker, but our lights shine brighter.  Be encouraged.

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