Happiness is . . .

Wednesday, August 9           

Everyone has needs and everyone has wants.  Life starts that way.  A new born baby needs milk, loving care, diapers changed.  It doesn’t take long for those needs to branch out to include wants.  He wants things to play with, he wants his own way.  As time goes on, he wants a tricycle, then a bicycle, then a motorcycle and eventually a sports car.  That is just a microcosm of the whole process, but you get the picture.  His wants become demands.  He gets obsessed and emotional about them.  He is not interested in pleasing others and is focused on his own wants.  In spiritual terms, the sin nature has taken over.  Most people adjust to this to a degree and realize that satisfying one’s own wants requires dependence on others who have needs and wants of their own.  So a “quid pro quo” modifies his behavior.  Some never make that adjustment and end up in jail.   All of this—with or without adjustments—is a desire for happiness.  Happiness is perhaps the greatest need a person has.  But happiness will only be found in God.  A lot of people don’t know that.  They keep on looking for happiness in things that they want, their toys, things that give them a measure of temporary enjoyment.  There’s a wide gulf between God’s view of needs and man’s view.  This is true of Christians just as it is with unbelievers.  God wants things that meet our needs—not necessarily our wants.  God is not going to change; we need to change.  God’s desire is to make us happy, which comes by his meeting all our needs.  The road to happiness is wanting what God wants.

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