Teaching by Example

Saturday, August 12               

We can learn by example as well as by direct teaching.  .John 1:40-41.  When Andrew realized that he had found the Messiah, the first thing he did was share the good news with his brother, Simon Peter (John 1:43-45).  And as soon as Philip discovered that Christ was the Messiah, he immediately went to tell Nathaniel (John 1:45).  Obviously, one does not need to know “the whole story” in order to witness about Christ.  There are a lot of other truths that are exposed by example in the Bible.  And if you think of your own life, you will remember lots of important things that changed your life in the same way.  Maybe a particular event, or a critical decision you made, or a mentor that showed you love and guidance.  I’m not going to regale you with such past experiences in my life, just to say that there were three or four that stand out to me more than others.  God is at work every day to bring us into a more meaningful relationship with him, and it doesn’t have to be by direct teaching.  Look and learn.  My point is that we need to be the kind of people that will direct people to God.  He will do the changing.

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