Cracked Pots

Thursday, October 5                     

There’s a lot in the Bible about potters and pottery.  God sent Jeremiah to the potter’s house to give him a message for Israel (Jer. 18:1-11).  Jeremiah witnessed the potter shaping a pot, but  there was a flaw in it, so he chucked it and started over.  The message was that Israel, whom God was shaping to do a particular work, was not doing what God intended them to do and was in danger of being scrapped.  Very graphic lesson.  I’m reminded that God formed Adam from clay.  And David talks about God shaping him while he was still in his mother’s womb.  Pastor Doug often refers to us as “cracked pots.”  I guess that’s better than “crackpots,” and I understand his view that we are made of clay and imperfect “pots.”  No one would deny that.  The point is that we are all weak, marred by sin, and worth very little.  God can fashion us into an ornate pot that is a work of art, or we can be a chamber pot, used for you know what.  Behind all that is that we are to serve some good purpose in God’s hands.  He didn’t make us just because he needed some exercise.  If we don’t perform the way we should, we can be scrapped.  For the Christian it means that we can be put on the shelf.  For an unbeliever, being scrapped is eternal fire and separation from God.  In Judges 7 we have the account of God directing Gideon to use clay pots to defeat the Midianites.  The pots contained lamps that would scare the Midianites to death—literally.  The clay pots were not worth much, but they concealed the lights until the appropriate time.  The Midianites were terrified and started killing each other.  No wonder that God reduced Gideon’s army to 300 men.  This is a beautiful analogy of how God can use us.  God uses pots that are of little worth to win a great battle against the enemy.  But the pots have to be broken for the light to shine.  The pot was not worth much and was only to be trampled underfoot in the process, but the light was worth everything.  OK, I’m a pot, not worth much, and maybe a cracked one at that.  But I contain the light of life that will do no good when hidden.

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