The Joys of Love

Sunday, October 8                           

Maybe more than rejoicing that God loves us, we should rejoice that we love Him.  I mentioned back on September 9 that human marriage is an analogy of the spiritual marriage between us and Christ.  In my marriage, I’m blessed by being loved, but I also realize that my greatest joy is loving my wife.  It is immensely satisfying when I know I’m pleasing her.  [And I’m still amazed that she loves me.]  In terms of my relationship to Christ, my love for him is based on his love for me.  Every thing that is good in my life is due to him.  Apart from him, I’m worthless and bound for eternal damnation.  Because of him I am happy and content in this life and look forward to eternal bliss in the heavenly realm.  So his love for me is a gift, and my love for him is also a gift.  I earn no “brownie points” for loving him.  I owe him everything.  So I thank him for the gift of loving him.  Just as with my human marriage, it is a joy to please God by loving him.  I expect my love for him to be magnified as I get to know him better.  Eternity with him should be an exciting adventure.  But get this!  Just as I am pleased when I show love for my wife, so does God get pleasure in loving us.  Love is a two-way street.  It brings joy to both the lover and the one loved.  No one loses.  “Awesome” is too weak a word to describe God.

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