The World’s Best Artist

Tuesday, October 10                    

Art has been a part of human culture throughout history.  Some people seem to be gifted in that genre more than others.  Masterpieces sell for millions of dollars.  Art galleries are popular.  People like to admire (or criticize) works of art.  Our Polk County Fair displays hundreds if not thousands of pieces of art every year.  Artists are praised.  Have you ever thought of God as an artist?  Everything in this universe is a work of art.  Humans take a picture of a gorgeous sunset and are lauded for the product.  But God made the sunset.  Millions of pictures are taken of snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, rolling ocean waves, and all kinds of wild life.  And the photographer gets praised.  Much of the time the real artist, God, is not even given a passing thought.  But God had a greater purpose than being renowned as an artist.  His display of beauty also revealed his power and order, all of which should draw men to worship him.  It is not enough to honor him as an artist. We humans are the most important creation of all.  All the rest of creation was designed to bless people—us. He has made us as images of himself.  Morality, conscience, the capacity to know God, and the desire to worship a higher being was built into us.  And when Adam messed things up, we all followed suit, refusing to acknowledge His authority over us and determined to be our own boss.  We became rebels, enemies of God, and subject to judgment.  God’s impeccable moral nature demanded it.  So keep on taking pictures of sunsets and cats, but remember who the artist is.  And, most importantly, recognize why God created our beautiful universe.  Your eternity is at stake.

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