Brighten the Corner Where You Are

Thursday, October 12         
Yesterday an old gospel hymn all of a sudden popped into my mind.  I hadn’t thought of that hymn for sixty or more years.  I don’t know how much I understood the message of it, but the melody was “catchy.  I really liked the song, which may partly account for it being stored away in the back of my mind all those years.    I even remember some of the words.  “Brighten the corner where you are.  Someone far from harbor . . .”  The rest was lost, so I checked with Google.  The end of that line is “you may guide across the bar.”  I have no explanation for why this hymn appeared from the long ago past, but the message remains.  My life can brighten up my corner of the world if I’m busy “rescuing the perishing.”  There are other ways of brightening my corner, too.  My fellow believers need my prayer, encouragement, and support.  Missionaries need financial support as well.  That’s a part of my world, too.  I wonder if I could put in a bid to sing this old hymn in our church some Sunday morning.  And here’s a point to remember.  Planting the seed may bear fruit years later.  I’m indebted to my parents—and others—who invested in my life years ago.  Ecc. 11:1 comes to mind.  “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.”

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