The Light of the Gospel

Friday, October 13                 

I guess we all remember bits and pieces of our early years.  Another old hymn stayed with me all these years—“At the Cross.”  Evidently I was too young to understand the message.  “At the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light.”  I had a lot to learn about analogies.  I identified the light as a bare bulb on the porch of Grandpa’s house.  We were meeting there for church services and I sang the songs, but didn’t really grasp the meanings.  Later on, when I was ten years old, I understood my lost condition by listening to my Dad preach.  I was really convicted and went to the altar to receive Christ.  I still didn’t understand a lot of things, but I had no question of my sinful condition and where I was heading.  I again am indebted to my Dad for proclaiming the truth.  We kids did not get personal attention on this at home, but I couldn’t avoid it when Dad preached.  Anyway, this old hymn is a marvelous presentation of the gospel.

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