Problems in Prayer

Sunday, October 15                           

Believing God is not limited to the salvation experience.  Belief (faith), is still necessary while we remain on this earth.  In a way, this is more difficult than believing unto salvation.  The truths concerning salvation are settled issues, clearly spelled out and available upon believing.  But when we pray for a certain thing to happen, we don’t have the same certainty that God will be in accord with it.  He promised to meet our needs, for instance, but what we think we need may not be what we really need.  So there’s an uncertainty here that is not in the more explicit issues of salvation.  The Scripture gives us some prerequisites to prayer—being in fellowship with God, no known unconfessed sin, sincere, heart felt, etc.  Those would be somewhat easy to evaluate and deal with.  But then there is the matter of praying for the right things.  It’s not always easy to know how God views a certain situation.  We might think that we know what he wants.  For example, we know that salvation is provided for all men and that God is not willing that anyone should perish.  But then there’s the issue of free will.  So we pray for Aunt Susie to get saved and Aunt Susie is not interested.  Another issue is that God has his own agenda.  It might not be the right time for something to happen and we can’t understand why God is not doing something right now.  God is not a genie in a bottle.  He has his own ways.  As the Scripture points out, his ways are not our ways.  So specific prayer is a problem.  Yet we are to pray.  But with the caveat that God may over rule and move in a different way.  I appreciate Romans 8:26.  “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Holy Spirit intercedes for us . . .”

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