Tuesday, October 17                     Vehement Believing

Robert Murray McCheyne makes a comment that goes along with yesterday’s blog.  “Prayer does not so much consist of vehement pleading, as in vehement believing.”  The word “vehement” is equivalent to “fervent” in James 5:16.  McCheyne is right in focusing on belief  rather than on pleading.  Without believing, one is wasting his breath.  But I’m happy that he didn’t rule out pleading.  The N.T. advocates pleading or persisting in prayer.  God hears and sometimes answers prayers without pleading, but other times, for his own reasons, he doesn’t answer immediately.  If a person is right with God (righteous), he is always heard.  But, as Romans 11:33 says, his ways are past finding out.  So God may delay answering or he may answer in a different way than we might expect.  Even Jesus deferred to his Father’s will when praying in the Garden.  He said “yet not my will, but yours be done.”  Bottom line:  God will always answer a heart felt prayer of a righteous man.  I can’t think of a greater motivation

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