A Satanic Tool

Sunday, October 22                    

The sin nature has affected every part of man.  We are all plagued with the same defects.  One of them is procrastination.  Like other bad traits that come from the sin nature, some people can somewhat compensate for it somewhat of the time.  But no one is immune.  Our normal tendency is to procrastinate.  That’s why we have that ages old adage Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”  That reveals that our natural tendency is to do just the opposite.  We will postpone everything we possibly can for as long as we can and do what pleases us today.  Like other sins, procrastination is habit forming.  It can control your life just as with gambling or drugs.  Procrastination may not seem life shattering, but it can be when dealing with one’s eternal destiny.  I recently ran across this short, terse statement.  “Right now counts for eternity.”  When faced with the reality of one’s eternal destiny, it might be fine to “think it over,” but if the postponement is in order to enjoy this world’s pleasures, it could cost you the loss of God’s offer of salvation by grace.  It is no surprise that Satan uses procrastination to keep one from choosing eternal life.  And he uses the same ploy to get us Christians to put off . . . till tomorrow.

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