How’re You Doing?

Thursday, October 26               

A common thing when we greet one another is to say “How are you doing?”  Much of the time the answer is a perfunctory “fine.”  Maybe because I’m now 89, it seems that people expect a little more than a perfunctory greeting.  That creates a bit of a dilemma for me.  In one sense, I really am fine, but health-wise not quite so fine.  I’ve occasionally resorted to how Doug Warren handled this before he passed on.  He said “I’m fine for the condition I’m in.”  That expresses it fairly well, but sometimes people would like a more specific answer.  So I came up with this:  “I’m thriving spiritually and surviving physically”  That’s maybe a hair better than Doug’s rejoinder, but doesn’t go into much detail, either.  So sometimes I add a few specifics.  In any case, I’m encouraged by the fact that people really care how I’m doing.  There’s nothing quite like the godly love that exists among Christians.  It has to be a major reason for the existence of the Church.  This love facet of Christian life will not be relegated to past history when we get to heaven; it will be enormously expanded.  I think I will enjoy heaven.

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